Internet of Things, or short IoT is an umbrella name for all technology that is today being installed to connect any type of device to the Internet. On a boat there are many things that can provide great value to the boat owner as they get connected. Now its true that there has been technology around for some time to connect to a boat, but it has some major drawbacks. Main components for “old generation connected boats”:

  • The network, hence GSM/GPRS/3, 4 or even 5G have all been designed to handle big data flow like video, voice etc. As such it becomes very expensive when it only needs to transport small amount of data like position, battery status etc etc.
  • “Old generation” connection needs a lot of battery. Just think how long your mobile last and even if you trickle with the technology it still requires lots of battery to transmit. That is why the old devices are so big, they need big batteries or connection to power outlets.
  • Bulky business model – the old gen. devices connected to the internet requires simcard and subscriptions, a model that the traditional service providers like – but it can feel a bit odd when you buy a IoT device for 300$ and then you need to get a yearly subscription that can cost a lot.
  • Security – some boat owners have today installed GSM based tracker devices to avoid getting either the boat or just the motor stolen. You can today buy basic GSM yammer for about 150$ and with that the GSM based tracker becomes useless. Again the old traditional networks where not built for the IoT connections.
  • Proprietary technology is slowly dying, almost all of the today existing technology we use on a normal private boat is developed in very proprietary and closed way. If you think about what has happed on the internet as whole in the last fifteen years in visualisation, e-services, apps etc etc. with how our instruments on boat has changed in same period – its quite easy to understand the potential. A small but very good example is when the sea maps became available in the app stores a few years ago, today they are the norm when hitting the waters.

These are just a few examples of technology things that we are adressering head on as we develop our service for a secure, fun, future proof and easy to use service for the boat owner.